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Friday, June 9th   Grand Palace Hotel Thessaloniki

Can exam teaching be brain-friendly? What difference will it make for learners? Two engaging, thought-provoking 120-minute workshops, which aim to help teachers teaching different exams at B2 and C2 levels.

These sessions are NOT exam-specific and aim to cater for a diverse audience, teaching any exam.

Session 1: 10:30-12:30  Struggling with Lexis & Structures

Learners learn vocabulary and grammar and then forget both! Fossilization of errors occurs to a great extent, while the new structures and vocabulary items take ages to become actively used in learners’ speaking and writing. Could we change the situation if we altered our teaching? This session aims to examine why learners find it so hard to venture out of their comfort zone and how our teaching can help them overcome this obstacle. We will also engage with some interesting, practical, easy-to-do activities which aim to make learning easier and produce longer-lasting effects.

Session 2: 13:00-15:00   Teaching productive via receptive skills

In reality, we all know that to create good writers we first need to create good speakers but in our teaching practice we tend to forget that skills are interdependent. Teaching writing via reading and teaching speaking via listening is very close to the way we learn our mother-tongue and can help learners develop their skills and feel more confident. In this session, we will analyse the challenges learners face at level B2 and C2 regarding skills and we will discuss practical activities and ways of teaching which will enable us to make their learning more holistic and meaningful.

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Price for both sessions: 20 euro

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