Thursday, 25th May 2017 sees the opening of the Input on Education Free Webinars. IoE aims to make these webinars a monthly habit. Personally, I feel it would be nice to get together every month and discuss the issues that are on our minds.

A short presentation of less than an hour on the topic of ”How to wrap up your school year” followed by questions and comments will  be the content of our first webinar. The registration process will be easy and can take place on the day of the webinar, just half an hour before. We will post instructions as we get closer to the event.

Everyone is welcome as we will approach this topic from a teaching, marketing and management perspective. I know that some of you have already prepared things for the end of the school year but these ideas can be used in the near future, plus this webinar will make mention of how the end of the school year determines the beginning of the next. So, join us and enjoy a free webinar, our first one with Input on Education!


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